Deb Gabor, Speaker

Deb Gabor is an energetic, enthusiastic speaker, who keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Her highly interactive style challenges every participant to find themselves in her content and begin the process of transforming their own brands and strategies.

Through a combination of thought-provoking keynote style presentation and hands-on workshop activities, every speaking engagement delivers actionable results that audience members can take away and use the very next day on the job.

I produced two sessions with Deb Gabor for her debut at SXSW 2019 and was thoroughly impressed with her every step of the way.  She is a consummate branding professional and brought her larger than life personality and expertise to the stage.  Deb captivated her audiences from the moment she began speaking and proved to be a powerhouse of knowledge and advice.  After both sessions, there was a large crowd of attendees waiting to ask her advice on their businesses and strategies, and we sold out of her books in a few short hours. I look forward to my next opportunity to collaborate with her.
— Henry Heuck, Conference Programmer, SXSW

Deb’s Workshops & Masterclasses


8 Hour Brand Workshop

Your competitors are spending an exorbitant amount of resources and an unreasonable amount of time on developing their brands. With the 8 Hour Brand you can outsmart and outpace them by knocking out this important strategic effort in ONE DAY.

Branding MasterclassSquarespace.png

In this engaging and action-packed keynote, Deb Gabor works with audiences to help them understand how to make their customers the heroes of their own stories.

Learn how your brain reacts to information and how to use that knowledge to connect emotionally with people to influence, inform, or sell anyone anything.

Do you ever wonder how top brands create irrational loyalty among their users? The world’s most profitable and well-known brands bond in highly emotional and compelling ways with their customers. 


You want to make a big splash, but you don't have a big budget. Lucky for you, there are strategic things you can do up front to dial in your strategy to ensure you maximize the use of your limited funds and unexpected low-cost opportunities to build your brand's visual and verbal assets.


An elevator pitch is a conversation, or an ice breaker, that will (hopefully) lead to a deeper dialogue about the functionality, and specialty, of what you and your company can offer. In practice you typically have just 60 seconds to leave an exciting, impactful, and meaningful impression with whomever you come in contact with. So make them count.


You probably never wondered what getting "in the mood" and how your personal brand shows up have in common. In this fast-paced branding masterclass, you’ll learn how to create a head-turning personal brand that makes your audience the hero.

As EO Cleveland Learning Chair, I hired Deb Gabor for an event for CEOs and business leaders, and she totally delivered. I’ve seen and hired countless speakers, her energy is amazing and I dare say off the charts. Her presentation was more than a keynote; it was an interactive masterclass that kept this hard-to-please crowd riveted for a full 90 minutes.
— Carmen Fiorilli, EO Cleveland, Learning Chair

See Deb in Action

Deb is my go-to branding and marketing guru. I’ve booked her for events and classes of such a wide range and am never disappointed by the strength of content and engaging exercises she’s brought to each one. Her speaking style can’t be described as anything less than captivating. Her energy, raw humor, and dynamic presentations have helped further our business goals and drive our creative programming.
— Candice Digby, Speaker Organizer, General Assembly

Given her accolades as a dynamic speaker, business visionary and exceptional marketing consultant, it should be no surprise that Deb Gabor delivers much more with “Branding is Sex” than a clever title. Her insight provides a compelling resource to a broad range of professionals and executives, and she delivers it in a style that makes it enjoyable AND informative.
— Brad Mixner, CEO Yotta Data Technologies
I thought I knew branding and positioning, and I did...but not like Deb Gabor and her team at Sol. They took our existing brand and totally reframed it. It was impressive (and lucrative). If you have the chance to work with her, take it.
— Tucker Max, New York Times Bestselling Author and CEO and co-founder, Book in a Box
Deb’s formula is precise and very thoughtful. Deb has deep experience in helping companies face reality and find brands that open territory that can build businesses.
— Jodi Kahn, Chief Revenue Officer, FreshDirect
Deb believes that getting the customer laid is the ultimate goal of every brand. Because of your brand, the customer feels they can accomplish more! She’s right.
— Lisa Sharples, Co-founder, Fexy Media
Deb’s methodology leads you to understand how your brand can bond indelibly with the customers most highly predictive of your company’s success.
— Kristen Mulligan, Middletown Community Foundation (hired Deb for a keynote.)