The Ideal Customer Archetype: Do you ever wonder how top brands create irrational loyalty among their users?  

The world’s most profitable and well-known brands bond in highly emotional and compelling ways with the customers who are most likely to spend the most money with them.  Sol Marketing CEO and founder Deb Gabor leads this highly interactive workshop guiding attendees through identifying and profiling the customer who is most highly predictive of a startup’s success using the “Ideal Customer Archetype” methodology. Through the use of hands-on exercises, audiences learn to use this method to go beyond traditional demographic and firmographic profiles to hone in on behavioral and attitudinal attributes that enhance the climate of consideration for their brands and products. 


  • Understanding the ideal customer archetype methodology

  • Getting inside your customer’s head

  • Segmenting and targeting customers

  • Bonding emotionally with customers

  • Becoming part of customers’ self concepts

During the session, Deb will guide audiences through the development of their company’s own ideal customer profile, which they can take with them to continue the customer targeting process for their companies.